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About Midtown Urology Associates

About Practice


At Midtown Urology Associates, patients are treated as people, not as an accumulation of symptoms. The shared mission of everyone at the practice is to provide each person with care as an individual, with a distinct set of health needs and goals.

Midtown Urology Associates offers residents in Austin, Texas an unparalleled level of medical expertise. The doctors and professionals who provide care are highly trained and display a range of skills that encompass virtually all aspects of urological care.

State-of-the-art technology is used throughout the office, giving patients access to the latest diagnostic and treatment options. Staff members regularly receive training in new technologies and practices to help the practice remain on the cutting edge.

Each patient receives a customized treatment plan that is devised based on their specific set of needs. Every member of the team understands that the most efficient way for medical practitioners to improve someone’s health and wellness is by understanding that no two people share the same set of medical needs, and no two will share the same treatment path.

Midtown Urology Associates would not be the same thriving practice without its fantastic support staff. From the time you walk through their doors until you schedule your next appointment and leave to complete your day, every effort is made to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

If you're need of urological care, the team at Midtown Urology Associates is ready to help. Online scheduling makes it easy to find an appointment time that fits your schedule, and they welcome you to reach out and ask any questions you may have.

They look forward to welcoming you to the Midtown family.


Words from our patients

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    "When consulting with Dr. Trotter, he speaks with confidence and that means a lot to me for obvious reasons. His staff are very cordial"

    Jim S.
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    "Doctor Trotter put me at ease and I knew I was in good hands. His staff was helpful and great at working with me."

    Robert C.
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    “Dr Trotter and the Midtown office staff have consistently over the past few years been of the highest skill levels, in medical, professional and caring categories."

    Harvey F.
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    “Dr. Trotter is everything one would want in a physician treating them: knowledgeable, creative, and empathetic -- all to the nth degree.”

    Doug L.
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    “Wonderful experience... Very informative, professional and efficient. I highly recommend them."

    Bryan M.
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    “My experience here was excellent! Dr Trotter took time to listen to my concerns and made me feel at ease about a very private issue. Highly recommended!”

    Darrin S.
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    “A good practice that helps you feel at ease and provides great health care. The staff is nice a cheerful. I have always been glad to go here.”

    Michael S.
  • Yelp

    "Explained my options thoroughly and with care. Wonderful staff and overall facility. Felt well taken care of.”

    Dawn S.
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    “Very professional with friendly staff! Made me very comfortable from the start!”

    Galen B.
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    “Courteous, thorough and helpful staff and very friendly doctor. Everything was explained well prior to my procedure and it was great to be included in the whole process"

    Tony D.
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    “I was pretty nervous coming in, but as soon as walked in, the receptionist was wonderful and made me feel at ease."

    Marta M.
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    “Very positive all around. Top notch care, response and quality people.”

    Archie H.
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    "I've been with Dr Trotter and his team for 10 years...5 stars at the start; 5 stars today."

    Gary B.
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    "Will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an urologist. Thank you to his team at midtown urology for making us feel welcomed."

    Stephanie G.
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    "Excellent practice. Dr. Trotter is a great down to earth doctor who has great communication skills and is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend."

    Zack G.
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    "Very friendly staff; wait times have been minimal and all contact has been very pleasant and professional."

    Bob A.
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    "Dr. Trotter and the entire team at Midtown Urology are fantastic! Everyone is extremely friendly and my appointments always run on-time."

    Michael R.