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BPH and Urolift

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is one of the most frequent diagnoses leading to urology referral. As men age, their chances of developing the condition increase. 50% of men will develop BPH by age 60. Your prostate is a gland that sits below your bladder and surrounds the urethra, or urine tube. As men age, their prostate becomes enlarged, which places pressure on the urethra; this is when the symptoms begin to occur. Common symptoms of BPH include urinary urgency and frequency, difficulty starting your urine stream, and waking up to urinate at night. Once you make an appointment, we will review your medical history before creating a customized treatment plan. Lifestyle changes will be the first step, and then alpha-blockers may be implemented. However, many men have already tried these treatments and are looking for something permanent. Urolift is a minimally invasive in-office procedure that involves implanting devices that separate the lobes of your prostate tissue and has no need for a lengthy recovery. Dr. Trotter has performed over 350 cases, has a center of excellence, and trains physicians. He has many happy patients who now have a higher quality of life because of Urolift. Some of our patients shared their experiences with BPH and how Urolift has affected their daily lives. 

Patient 1

Q. What were your symptoms before the procedure?

A. Before the procedure, I was typically getting up to go to the restroom about 4-5 times a night. It was very disruptive to my sleep and diminished my quality of life. When I needed to urinate, I would have to wait to relax my bladder before I could use the restroom. It was very irritating. Also, when I would urinate, there was a low-grade burning sensation. I had gotten so used to it that I thought it was normal. That was something else that has totally gone away since the procedure. 

Q. What was your experience the day of the Urolift procedure?

A. The procedure went very well. I was given the nitrous oxide. It put me in a great state of mind. The doctor did the prostate block that went very well because he described what he was doing. I felt the sensations, but there was no pain.  I felt the pressure and maybe a little stinging. There was virtually no pain at all.  During the procedure, he asked me how it was going, and I said, "It feels like a vacation."

Q. How are you feeling now?

A. It’s been six weeks. My symptoms have dramatically improved. I get up maybe once or twice at night, and there’s no hesitation on urination. It’s pretty remarkable how having the obstruction opened up has turned the clock back 10 or 15 years. I’m very pleased and satisfied with the results. 

Patient 2 

Q. What were your symptoms before Urolift?

A. Before Urolift, I would have to run to the bathroom several times during the night. I didn’t get good sleep because of that. I learned about the Urolift procedure and thought I might like to give it a try.

Q. How are you feeling after the procedure?

A. Since then, I have been very happy. I get up about one time in the middle of the night. I get six hours of sleep, and that’s fine. I have been happy with it ever since I’ve gotten it done. 

Patient 3

Q: What were your symptoms before Urolift?

A. My urinary stream had gotten terrible over the course of several years. I was concerned my flow rate would completely stop. I had a lot of issues with general urinary discomfort and getting up at night. 

Q. What was your experience the day of the Urolift procedure?

A. The Urolift procedure and my experience the day of the procedure was very simple. I had it done in the office, and there was no pain or discomfort.  It was very quick. After that, I had about 24 hours of moderate urinary discomfort and a little bit of blood. It progressively got better day by day. 

Q. How are you feeling after the procedure?

A. I’m doing great. It’s been about six months, and I am taken back ten or twenty years or further. I have no symptoms. My urine flow rate is back to the way it was when I was younger. I don’t get up at night anymore and no discomfort. It has completely taken care of the problem, 100%.

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