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Kidney Pain Specialist

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Kidney pain can change a normal day, and keep you from school, work, or time with loved ones. The experience is stressful and can lead to fear that there may be a serious underlying problem. At Midtown Urology Associates, Dr. Michael Trotter, Andrew Barger, APRN, and the team have the expertise needed to address kidney pain and find lasting relief. Calling or scheduling online allows you to get an appointment time at the Austin, Texas, office that meets your needs.

Kidney Pain Q & A

What is the purpose of my kidneys?

Kidneys work to maintain the stability of your blood, preventing a buildup of excess fluid or waste. You have two kidneys, which are organs shaped somewhat like beans, located on either side of your spine just below your ribcage. Your kidneys act as blood filters, processing around 120-150 quarts of blood each day.

This filtration process creates urine, which is a mix of water and waste materials from your body. It’s stored in your bladder until urination evacuates it from your body.

Your kidneys also help regulate the levels of electrolytes in your blood and assist in the production of hormones.

What are the causes of kidney pain?

Numerous factors can lead to kidney pain. It's essential to seek medical care from the professionals at Midtown Urology Associates as soon as possible, as kidney pain can signal a serious medical condition that requires prompt treatment.

Kidney pain may be caused by:

  • Infection of the kidney
  • Kidney cysts
  • Blood clots
  • Bleeding in your kidney
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Kidney cancer

You should contact your doctor if you experience dull, constant pain in one side of your back or side, or if fever, body aches, and fatigue accompany the pain.  

What are some treatment options for kidney pain?

The first step in treatment is finding an accurate diagnosis for kidney pain. Once your Midtown Urology Associates doctor determines the cause of the pain, they devise a customized treatment plan based on your needs.

Some people only require over-the-counter pain medications to address kidney discomfort. Others may need prescription medications to ease the pain. Antibiotics can help if the pain stems from an infection.

If the pain is the result of a kidney stone, then efforts to help you pass the stone are the most effective treatment path. Kidney stones that are very large or are causing an obstruction may need to be surgically removed by your doctor.

In patients with cancer of the kidney, treatment focuses on controlling the cancer and shrinking the size of existing tumors. Pain relief may come through certain medications, or after cancer treatment relieves some of the damage caused to your kidneys.

To find relief from kidney pain, reach out to the team at Midtown Urology Associates today online or over the phone.